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Jan 6, 2010
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Hi again everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I have yet more questions that I'm hoping you can help me out with? I've been reading through some old threads about soaking Vs. dry and like most I was taught to always soak, so if I tell you what I do, can you help me to correct it please?

*shape nails, apply cuticle remover and return to soak
*repeat on other hand
*Cuticle work (including nippers to remove excess cuticle which I read on here was bad?) apply Cuticle massage cream, exfoliate, mask, wrap to keep warm
*repeat on other hand
*polish or buff to finish

Pedicures are the same other than removing hard skin with a rasp during the cuticle work section

Is it really as simple as just taking away the water? And if so how do you remove the exfoliator and mask? Also can you use a rasp on dry skin?

Thanks everyone, and I'm really sorry if it's a silly question that I should already know the answer to :confused:

Oh and also, I'm about to buy the CND Spa ranges and was just wondering how long you soak in the baths for or do you leave this step out?
Hi, I don't do dry pedis. I usually have the client soak for at least 5 minutes.

For mani's, yes, just skip the soak. If you have an exfoliant or mask to remove, you can have a bowl of warm water at your station to remove the scrub.

As far as removing cuticle, that's not bad...it's when the eponychium is nicked...that is bad. Cuticle is the growth that attaches to the nail plate. Cuticle Away will help remove that.

HTH and best of luck! :)

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