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Jun 5, 2011
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My clients hands are very dry and Im wondering if this is the cause of her acrylic extensions not lasting more than a few days-1 wk. I have done thorough prep and used NSI and ASP products on 2 different occasions and have even given her a complimentary paraffin wax treatment and left her with cuticle oil but the cuticle area is cracking and peeling and they lift. The problem is she has always used chop shops in the past and her nails have lasted for 2 wks + Im getting so frustrated, could someone let me know if this is a common problem with dry skin or any tips on my application ???
I have been doing nails for a year and still doubt my abilities :sad:
The reason the nails lasted so well from the discount salon ( I think the use of the name chop shop is quite disrespectful to the Asian technicians who frequent this web site and I think you should edit that out of your post) is because often harsh filing is done on the surface of the nails prior to application, and this makes the product stick.

However, it sounds like there is more going on here with dry skin and cracked eponychium etc.

The client should be regularly using hydrating creams and Solar Oil every day and her nails need time to get used to a new product and become strong again. Weak and damaged nails do not wear products as well as strong healthy nails. I'm sure as her nails improve then the longevity of service will improve too.

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