Dying bleach blonde hair


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Jul 6, 2011
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Just wondering if some of you wonderful hairdressers can help. I have been out of hairdressing a while I'm still insured as I do beauty still but just decided not to do hair as was sick of sitting in ppls houses waiting for colours to process. My friend has begged me to dye her hair as since I stopped she has not found a hairdresser she likes.

She has full head highlights wella 12.0 with a bleach booster 30vol. Natural colour base 5.
She is wanting to change her hair to baylage or ombré to her ears possibly a coppery colour or even dirty brown as she has put it. Added a picture she sent me.

The problem is when I was hairdressing ombré and baylage weren't common so never done any. Could anyone give me advice on the best way to do these also any ideas on colours as some have changed too since I was hairdressing. I do have an abit if an idea but would like to have other people's opinions.

Please any advice would be great.


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@ninar it's your pic [emoji1]
I was thinking I seen this pic in a different post [emoji4]
I've seen that picture a few times, I thought I was going mad.
Must be popular didn't realise who it was.

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