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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Just been on e-bay :)
Seller nailtech 999 as quite a few creative items on.
If anyone is after anything take a look.
All I can say on this one is that I hope this seller is responsible enough to only sell her Creative L&P stuff to Creative trained techs!

We pay a lot of money to be trained and able to buy Creative products and I for one get really peeved when I see them for sale to all and sundry on E-bay!
Although i am dont know anything about the seller :rolleyes:
I do agree with you, about selling to anyone.
But i suppose if techs buy from creative then there are no rules if they decide to sell stuff on :rolleyes:
i am very guilty of purchasing products from ebay!!!!!! And yes they have been creative and they came from a lady who was closing down her creative salon, but it was a strictly for proffessional purchase only!!!!
I look on ebay alot i am a big fan , but tend to stick to the proffessional products and to sellers who insist that it is a qualified nail tech that prchases the items.
There are so many sellers on there selling all different kinds of 'home' xtension kits be it profesional or highstreet brands but i have to say it is very rare that you see creative professiona products for sale on there . although i have seen solar oil on there many times!!!!!
As for the sellers who willingly sell professional products to the general public well u can tell them a mile off!!!! avoid like the plague!!!
I am with Fiona on this one and Lesley is right, there is absolutley nothing that we as a company can do to stop people selling second hand (or not) CND products:rolleyes: but I do think it is irresponsible on the sellers part if they are just selling to the highest bidder regardless of nail skills or certificates. I know this is a minority 'happening' but it irks me too!! I would prefer to 'buy back' than have CND get into the hands of the non-professional!! :|
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