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Feb 8, 2003
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What type of nail service do you all do on your clients with eggshell nails?...Thanks for any info
Well Egg shell nails are very fragile..........
Not a good candidate for enhancements............

The nails usually have a dip in the middle, and the nail has a tendency to curve at the free edge..............

I would suggest waterless manicures, as the nail plate will absorb the water and usually changes shape...........more straight looking...........but as soon as the nail drys out it will just curl again..............and any polish applied will flake off....................
So waterless manicures, will at least make the polish last a little bit longer.....

Maybe Geeg can comment about the possibility of wrapping the nail with Fabric#, and build up a nice shape with build and boost ?????
It's a light system and might be suitable..........depence how bad the condition is..............

hope this helps
I have had a lady for nearly a yr now that came to me with eggshell nails, she specifically wanted gel overlays so thats what I gave her.
Unfortunately she came back a week later and they had all come off, I`m sure it wasn`t my prep as there was bits and pieces of gel on them, it looked really strange.
I wasn`t creative trained at the time and although I did L&P, I avoided doing them like the plague......She was eager to try something else so I used Backscratchers extreme.
She still has the same and during that time her nails began to take a nice shape and we`ve not had any more trouble with them, I only wish now I`d taken a before and after pic
Hi Deb, thanks for giveing me client is badly wanting beautiful nails i gave her a set of P&W's a/c and i told her there will most likely be problems because of her nails...she calls me 4 days later letting me know that 3 of them have lifted and comeing off. So i told her i would try a diff product on her and she is willing to try anything. She told me she understands and for me to not be upset or let it bother me..but it does lol..i just want her to be able to have what she is wanting and she will pay anything to be able to have nails. I dont have the Backscratchers...would you happen to know of anything else that would might work? thanks
Just wondering...what exactly do you mean by eggshell nails? I haven't heard this term before.
I was wondering what egg shell nails were as well!
Eggshell nails are fragile nails ... usually thin. They often look as if they have 'dips' in them and the free-edge can sometimes look wavy as part/s of it usually curl down toward the finger.
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