ELECTRIC FILES..which one?


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Oct 3, 2007
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Newark, Notts.
I want to buy an electric file....obviously im worried about getting the right one as they are so expensive and want to make sure I get a really good one...which one would you recommend? :green:
Just out of interest, what do you want one for? Or I mean why do you want one?
I want one because I believe it will save me a lot of valuable time on filing and generally make life easier.
I looked at your profile.As you're fairly new , I think there may be some easier ways for you to cut down on filing. I was thinking the same as you. I have chosen to work on my product application, and minimize the filing by applying the product more accuratly in the first place.
If I had clients that were going from art, to color, to P&W, to clear nails, I would invest in an e-file (and the training associated with using one correctly) But I just don't find the need for one at this point!

If I did, I think I would choose KUPA, just because of the videos on their website . Check it out you'll be there for hours!:lol:

Erica's MT20.
:lol: erica mT20 :hug: this is the one & only. its a workhorse & will last you your whole nail career. no need for Upgrading.. its the best ..

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