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Jun 21, 2004
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To any one who uses the edge active tips i have just recieved an email from
Theresa from Alida, if your tips have the number on the underside near well area then these are faulty the number should be on top of free edge, she has asked me to return mine ( I have 500 tips with this numbering problem) to her and they will replace them, regardless of where they were purchased. So if you also have these tips with this problem then I would urge you to also email Alida, because if you use them when nails are trimmed, filed and overlayed the numbers are clearly visible, (so not a good look, I did this to two clients)


Claire x
I'm glad you got it sorted, Claire, but shame you had to go through all that anxiety eh?? Maybe they'll send you a goodwill gesture as well as replacing the tips ;)
Cheers Carole,

It would be nice if they did, it was like doing painting by numbers lol.

Claire x

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