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May 17, 2013
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I have been running my own beauty business for 3 1/2 years and have built up and really good little business. It's just me at the moment and I'm in desperate need to expand but the right property hasn't turned up! I currently work between 50-60 hours a week and still often have to turn people away (holiday makers who are only in the area for that week otherwise locals book in when I have the space which is usually 2-3 weeks time).

To complicate things I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and have started to advertise to employ a therapist(s) to help me out so I can have a few months off with my new bubba. My plan is to keep them on afterwards as I will then be able to cover more hours. The problem is no one has applied and I don't know what to do! I've advertised on Facebook, gumtree, indeed and beauty job sites. Local press is super expensive (£800 for 2 weeks) which is ridiculous! I feel at a loose end and I don't know which way to turn! I'm also starting to feel stressed about it which isn't good for me or my growing bubs. I really don't want to have to close as I'm worried the business that I've built up over the years will diminish and I've worked so hard to get it to where I am today. I really didn't expect it to be this hard to find someone!
have you spoken to your local college? they will be finishing their courses in june and you could always ask if there are any mature students seeking an opportunity? get them in one or two days a week whilst their finishing their qualification that way you can train them your way ready to take over when you need your maternity.
I feel you need someone more experienced and getting newly qualified therapist from college could cause more problems that it solves and you will need someone who can hit the ground running while you are on mat leave.

If you are not getting response from the advising you are doing, you need to look at why it's not working.

For example:
  • Is your salon easy to commute too
  • Is it accessible by public transport
  • Is there free parking
  • Is parking easy to obtain
  • What staff benefits are you offering the right candidate
  • Is the pay and annual leave you are offering competitive
  • Are the hours reasonable
  • Are you looking for someone with certain qualifications above the basic beauty qualifications
You may also need to look at the way you are selling your business to potential candidates.

Some main stream recruitment agencies deal with beauty recruitment, it maybe worth calling them on Tuesday to see if they can help.
Take a look at your adverts, I'm forever seeing ones on gumtree with virtually no information and I think that can be very off putting. Also a lot of adverts I see here (Edinburgh) don't put the salon name and when I was looking for a job I wanted to know where I was applying to and have a nose at their Facebook/website to see their standard of work, treatment lists, prices, reviews etc. I haven't been in your position so I'm going from a job seekers point of view.
I've seen a lot of salons put sponsored adverts on Facebook while looking for staff these seen to get a good response although it does seem like half the salons clients tag everyone they whether they are hair or beauty related or not. Also you get a lot of more mature people going to college for a refresher as they have been out of the business for a little while raising kids etc so it could be worth asking best case scenario you find someone worse case you don't. Also collages will sometime put recruitment posts up on social media for past students to see too so might be worth a shot. Good luck x
I find indeed is normally good but have you tried the job centre , that's a great place to start and if not try the job section in local paper :)
Thanks so much for the advise everyone. I put the job on the job centre website and indeed picked it up. I had a girl apply within a week and she's perfect. Like a mini me! Needs a little extra training and nurturing but I can get that sorted and enjoy some time off once bubs arrives! Massive weight lifted! Xx

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