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Sep 19, 2008
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east sussex
Hi. Everyone

Iv got Environ coming to the salon on the 13th of july to do a skin event.

Just wondering if anyone else has done one or worked in a salon that has.

Just wanting your feed back realy on how it went if products and facials were sold.

x charlie x

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I work in a salon that does, we find it really good for business.

We ask for a £20 deposit for the booking and that's redeemed against products. We normally sell around 800 + when it's fully booked!
Thanks is that withy 8 people coming in. X
I had an environ salon and we did really well with both products and facial course sales on the skin event days. I put an offer on the courses for anyone who booked and paid deposit on the day.
If you have a free slot or get a last minute cancellation ask the adviser to do some extra training with you (if poss), they know so much! Also if youre not with a client try to sit in on the consultations, you will pick up so many tips!

Im still working with Environ (since 2005), its amazing!
Iv decided to keep day mostly free for me so i can listen in on the consultations and learn the sales banter. Iv been told i need £400 worth of products. Do u think this would sell ok do i need more than that. X

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No stick to £400 to see how you get on. Have you already got retails stock in? Order the popular products such as avst1 (if clients are not already on Environ), c-boost, c-quence eye gel, colostrum gel, RAD, clarifying lotion.
You can always place another order the next day for all stock clients want. Make sure you take money for extra ordered items on the day!
It's fantastic!!! We've had a few at the salon and clients love it,the analysis shows so much clients scare themselves into buying to an extent,but make sure you have another 6 months after,as its so amazing to see the difference in their skin!!
Easily sold the £400 worth of stock and we're only a small salon in a little village :)
You'll love it and the girls are fab and no exactly what their talking about and how to sell and will give you great advice xx

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Yes i have about £100 worth of stock. But they say i need to order £400 plus vat for the girl to come. Just a bit worried ill be left with lots of stock i shall be ordering on credit card with a plan to pay back the day after the event. X

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