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Apr 8, 2006
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Just a quick post to see who has been on or due to attend the environ training in Leeds?

I have booked on for the stage 1 face 20th-24th June I wondered if anyone else is booked to do these dates?

I have been sent a list of hotels to book for that week but I wondered if anyone had stayed in any of these before or is staying in one of these and could recommend one?

Thanks x
You will love the training. There is a lot to learn but it is one of the best courses I have attended. Do you know who is your tutor? I had Katherine. She was excellent & so very helpful.
I stayed in Holiday Inn Express but it was too far from the training venue & I spent loads on taxis
Some of the other girls stayed in the Premier Inn which was much closer. xx
I think you got the last space that week in Leeds! I live in Leeds but have signed up for Stage 1 in Glasgow as my family are there and I can stay with them.
If you want to meet up for a cuppa and a natter while you're in Leeds let me know! x

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