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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Hi guys, i know the last one wasnt a great success but just wondered if we will be holding another one in May maybe an evening so people can make it does anyone have any suggestions it would be great if we could all meet up? x x
Any evening except thursday is great with me, have to take my daughter to Brownies, well someone has got to teach her how to make a decent cup of tea! :lol:
Hi Chocolate, looks like me and you on this one, anyone else???
:) I would love to join in. Just let me know where & when.
I know Nail Star will be up for it to, she is on holl this week. Come on guys, lets have some fun!

Me and hermy would love to come, but its abit too far:cry:
I would love to have this meeting on a saturday night in a biggish bar somewhere within easy reach of everyone. Failing that I`m happy to hold it here in my house.
Anyone fancy that?
Any night for me except thursdays my late nightm just let me know where and when
Hi des, im cool with any nite at all, and location maybe we should suggest a date and then see if people can make it?
How about Saturday 5th June at my house? I`m very close to the A13 and easy to find. I`ll get in some nibbles and wine and anyone that wants to stay over is more than welcome........
Debs, thats is a great idea and i am definately up for that, thank you so much for having it at yours thats great of you, maybe next time we can take turns next at mine, i cant wait now i will note it in my diary lets hope others can make that night too x x xx :D
in all my excitement i forgot to ask what time we will be meeting and obviously where you live!!! x
whoever wants to come, PM me and I`ll give you my address, probably not a good idea to post it on here.
I thought about 7.30
Debs, thanks for your pm with your add, have you mailed you back, hopefully theres more peeps out there that will join our fun, cant wait x
Hi Debs, I would loved to have joined in the fun with you and the rest of the girls but that is the only weekend I can't do as I have family coming down to visit. No doubt, I'll be doing my tourist guide. I hope to catch up with you all another time.
Sorry about that Chris, but you can never suit everyone with the date.
Once we get going on these meetings there will be plenty to can come along too.
Come on guys, there are 4 of us so far, there must be a few more interested in meeting up for a giggle, nibbles and wine
Have already booked this night in my diary, cant wait to get 2gether with geeks will have fun hope more geeks can make it. Also i'm up for having meeting at my house next time if anyone wants to.
Have pm you Debs, i am well interested in coming as missed the last one. 7.30 sounds good for a time, and a saturday night is even better.

Can't wait to meet some fellow nail geeks.:biggrin:
just thought id bump this back up to encourage our fellow essex geeks to meet with us x x x x
hi im in essex im starting my vtct in manicure in september and doing nail tech after i cant wait to start, at the mo im just about to start mobile offering waxing and doing a st tropez course in june, id likike to meet up and see some of the work you folks do
speak soon:biggrin:
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