Euphoria One extensions help


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I have just started out in hair extensions (LA Weave) and I'm wondering if someone can help with the thickness of the Euphoria One Brazilian and Indian Wefts.

Will 150g be thick enough for a whole head? Also which seems to be the thicker one, Indian or Brazilian?

Also, does anyone have any experience of the Angel Remy Super Wefts?

`Thanks :) :)

Hi there I was just looking at their samples for Microloops. If the loops are to go by I would choose the the Brazilian double drawn loops over the Indian hair. The quality seems nicer and more full.


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I use Euphoria a lot- The Brazilian is thicker, also, it swells even more once washed a couple of times.
Thickness depends of clients own hair, generally 150g should be fine on medium thickness hair, I only use 200g on very thick hair types x

Heya! Euphoria One Brazilian is much thicker than Indian and much better quality. Definitely go for that range! I also use the Russian which is stunning xx