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Oct 24, 2006
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I am in the process of getting a nail file. I have seen the eve n touch nail file online for a reaasonable price and it looks durable.

Has anyone used it before. I am new to the e-file, well trained at school but wanted something for entry level so i can get comfortable.

Any suggestions? Do you think it is a good investment.

My first file was an Eve and Touch 7. I ordered it from Nailite in the USA. I would suggest you save up a bit more money and get a quality efile. There is a great deal on the Kupa website right now. It is a good, reputable midrange file for 199.00 USD. You will find that the E&T has a fair amount of vibration and the hand piece is bulkier. My GF is using mine right now as she is just getting into nails. If you want a really good efile, the Erica's MT 20, you can order it from the States right from the manufacturer (actually he has them made in Japan for him) for just under 400.00 USD. He ships worldwide. This is a high end file and it should last forever if taken care of. If you want the contact phone number, let me know. Seriously, take a look at the KUPA file if you want a decent file for under 200.00USD. HTH
I would suggest that if your'e buying an e file to by it from where you trained or book a a course to train on it, they sell them with the course, they are normally 1 day courses but well worth it, their is so much damage you can do if you don'y know how to use it correctly. :)
My advice is to not buy it. Mine lasted a total of maybe 7 months, just a little past the warranty time! It vibrates and tires your arm, get the Erica MT-20, you will love it! My clients noticed a huge difference with the Erica, it doesn't cause as much heat while filing. HTH.

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