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Aug 24, 2015
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I have just purchased a diamond head microdermabrasion machine and complimented it with the mircod support package from Eve Taylor.

I read through the navigator regarding products and there is a small section at the back regarding the treatment and products to use.

So I thought I would practice on myself first before letting loose on clients. Thank god I did.

Love the pre-cleanse and the wash, did a spritz with the toner. Then I did the microdermabrasion.

After this I put a couple of drops of the treatment oil 1 and mixed the Bio mask. I could not get it to set on my face. Maybe the water was a little out but it seemed far too runny. It was literally sliding down my face in droplets. I ended up abandoning it and washing it off.

Then I tried to apply some soothing cream and it was stinging, again I had to wash it off.

Firstly, why can I not find a recommended treatment plan for Eve Taylor when they sell a treatment specific package??

Secondly, what am I doing wrong with these products??
I'm not trained in ET products but some of them are aromatherapy based aren't they? If so, it may be that they are too strong to be combined with a microdermabrasion treatment. I'm thinking perhaps in particular the treatment oil and bio mask. Maybe something like a collagen based mask or something equally cold and soothing might be a better choice post microdermabrasion. Or possibly even going straight onto applying the moisturiser.

I'll be interested to hear others thoughts on this. It's a while since I've done microdermabrasion.
The aromatherapy oil and mask wasn't the problem other than too much water. The issue was my face was stinging a little when I put the moisturiser on.
Hi Bavers

It's probably best to contact us directly in the first instance if you have any issues, as this being an open forum can often attract inaccurate answers from people not familiar with the brand.

We don't have a specific protocol / treatment plan as this package is to 'support' your microdermabrasion treatments and as all mdb systems have a different procedure it would be wrong for us to write a specific protocol which may conflict with the manufacturers guidelines.

The Bio Masque needs to be mixed with tepid water, the key is to pour and stir at the same time until you achieve that royal icing consistency when you can then apply a thick layer to the skin with a spatula. I must say it is VERY tricky to apply a peel off masque to your own face, even after all my years of working with the brand I cannot apply to myself without making a bit of a mess, but the aim is to look like Mrs Doubtfire in the gateaux scene.

I can't give any advice regarding the Soothing Moisture Cream with such little information, so if you can call our offices on 01733 260161 and we can try and offer further advice to you.

Hope that helps for now.
Hi Matthew

I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post. I can understand your concern with forums. In my experience you get the good and the bad and to be honest if it wasn't for this forum I might not have found Eve Taylor as it did come highly rated on here.

You're right about the self application of the mask and I love your analogy to Mrs Doubtfire, that's certainly how I looked on Wednesday!!! :)

I will call the office next week as I just want to discuss the correct procedure and use of products within a standard diamond mdb treatment.

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