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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hi Folks,

Unfortunately I can't get to Excel this weekend :( , so, I am looking for some kind soul to get me some rhinestones & leaves if possible? I will pay for them and for the postage.

Hope someone can help a 'frustrated' nail artist.

Thanx ;)
hi sharon,

tell me what you'd like and if any particular company, and i'll take care of it for you. i would be more than happy to help, you helped me :D :D , remember! if your not sure exactly what you want, you can give me your mobile and i can phone you from there also, your choice. let me know.

take care
casey xx
Thanks a lot Casey, I really appreciate the offer. I know I orginally said that I didn't want anything but I have changed my mind :oops: . I will send you a list by PM. Don't worry it won't be a lot, just a few bits & bobs to keep me going.

Thanks again ;)
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