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May 12, 2003
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Toronto ON Canada
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share some good news. After a couple of months of semi-looking for a place to work, I am going to work in a full service salon, on a commission basis. This opportunity fell into my lap after another one fell through, and I am really excited. I am a huge believer in fate, and think that this happened for a reason.

They have never had a nail tech there before, although they do advertise in the yellow pages that they do nails (owner just could never hire anybody with the right skill set I guess). So they get a lot of phone calls from people for nail enhancements. I had to go in yesterday to do an 'audition', a set of acrylics on one of the stylists - who turned out to be a former nail tech herself, talk about daunting. But I passed with flying colours and not only that, two clients came into my room to see what was going on while their colour was processing and are interested in booking appointments.

So needless to say, I am quite "chuffed" (have been picking up these expressions from you guys ;) ) and just wondered if you have any words of advice for a newbie starting out in her very first salon!
Well done Scratchy

Sorry can't offer any advice on working in a salon other than to maybe give an introductory offer to get those ladies pouring in.

Anyway, best of luck.
Hey thats great news.
You will soon be well away. I never gave any opening offers and I`m doing ok. You will too. Just think about what you want to do, don`t let anyone (namely the staff) take advantage of you and you`ll be fine.
Good Luck
Well I am a firm believer in a little treat here and there,
Make it a little product rather then your time...............

I would think maybe a little bottle of solar oil, so they can use it daily on there nice Enhancements. It's cheaper then say 1/2 of your time........

As for working in a salon, be yourself, professional, pleasing to the eye and a good manner and add that to great workman ship and you can't go wrong................
You will do just fine Hun
Good luck
Love Ruth xxx
I think it sounds like you're off to a flying start with a 'cracking (no pun intended) good' set of nails and interested clients already - another good ol' British expression!! :D

You should be chuffed!!

I'm sure your excitement and enthusiasm will spread throughout the salon and I agree with Ruth (I usually do :D ... a little opening offer 'gift' will cost you much less and be perceived as much more by your clients than that horrible word that Ruth and I hate .... discount! Ae we running a bazar??? Are we worth less today than tomorrow?? We all wish you well.
... I too am a great believer in things happening for reasons :shock: I am sure you will be very successful and will do a great and professional job!! I love that you are picking up our mad expressions - you'll be telling your clients where the 'loo' is next :D All the Best :thumbsup:
Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement! I definitely agree on the 'gift with purchase' theme and I'm thinking along the lines of a little pinky bottle of Solar Oil (and then when they run out I can sell them a bigger bottle ;) ) I'm not a big fan of discounting either.

It was funny the other day though when I was doing my set of nails on the stylist. Two of the other stylists came into my room between clients, and said to her, "Oh you're getting FAKE nails" and I just smiled sweetly and said "they're artificial enhancements" and then I compared it to them doing a DYE JOB on somebody's hair. They all laughed....but more importantly, they immediately understood the difference.

So I'm off today to finish my shopping for product, and my new wardrobe (all black...how does one keep the filings off black clothes..YIKES !)
scratchmyback said:
So I'm off today to finish my shopping for product, and my new wardrobe (all black...how does one keep the filings off black clothes..YIKES !)

It's impossible - BUT ;) we all look damn good in black, so do what you have to do!! :fro:

i have not found a way yet to keep my black clothes free from filings but as you say samantha it's damn good and very slimming lol

:D :D :D
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