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May 25, 2014
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North East England
Hi geeks, I hope I'm writing this in the right place...
I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and trained in semi permanent lash extensions some few years ago. However I have been feeling in a rut with them and was thinking about new training.
A salon not far from me offers various lash treatments. I booked myself in for express lashes however they seem to me to just be cluster lashes with semi permanent glue! I was told they would last 2-3 weeks and to return for removal.
Is this all express lashes are? Or is this not right?
I hope this isn't a silly question x
I'm trained in lashes but don't offer them anymore.
To me Express lashes are individual lashes applied without isolating a single lash. And they need to be completely removed after 2-3 weeks for a new set to be applied.

Clusters should be applied with a different glue and should be removed after a couple of days.

That's what I was taught anyway.
But in my area many lash techs advertise clusters as express lashes and charge more for it than they should be charging and giving customers the wrong advice [emoji51]

I'm a lash technician.
The express lashes are individual lashes slotted in between your natural ones and should be removed after 2 weeks.
Flare lashes or cluster lashes are multiple lashes joined at the base so you should be able to tell some difference between the two, however these should be removed after a week.
Depending on wether the treatment is performed eyes open or eyes closed, you can use different glues.
But like cheekychick said there's a lot of salons out there advertising treatments under different names and giving out poor advice! Always double check what your paying for as well.
:) x

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