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Oct 3, 2011
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Heswall, Wirral

So I’ve looked at the threads on here regarding their hair matting. I just wondered if anybody has been successful with receiving a refund, I’m currently in the process of sorting a claim with the small court.

In a nutshell I ordered hair on 16/09 for a client who had it before & was really impressed with them & wanted the same again. I fitted it the day it arrived on the 17/09. On the 18/09 I received a message asking if it was the same hair as she was struggling to get a brush through it & it was shedding a lot. So I straight away contacted the company explaining it must be a bad batch & purely to just swap them. My email was returned with a million ridiculous questions that were irrelevant as it had been a day, I then received one email a day, if that. I sent the requested videos which they said she was using the wrong brush (it’s a beauty works extensions brush). I sent the hair back 30/09 by 13/10 I’d had no contact so emailed them, they responded it had to go to testing, then the very next day they had their results surprisingly They said there was no fault with it (I don’t believe they even test it) according to them the hair was extremely healthy. I emailed straight back & it is now nearly 2 weeks & ive sent 3 emails with no reply?im so angry. I’ve bought thousands upon thousands of hair from them in the last 2 years.

Any help from somebody who has had to deal with the same thing would be very much appreciated.


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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
You’re purchasing human hair taken from a variety of heads. Every batch will be different so I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a variation in quality.

As you have chosen to take legal action, it really isn’t appropriate to discuss the details on a public forum.

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