Extensions when people say "their hair has been damaged by years of bleach"


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Aug 4, 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I seem to have more demand from blonde clients for LA weaves than any other coloured hair at the minute however, with that, I have had a few ladies say their hair is 'damaged from years of bleaching' - they always advise me of this when asking about the LA weave and discussing if it damages their hair, which i know la weaves don't.

Does anyone else have clients like this? They want to have extensions, but should i be discouraging it if their hair has taken a beating with bleach for years? x
You won't ever know exactly until you see their hair. I always make that choice upon consultation. If I don't think their hair is in great condition I advise them what I can do to rectify the condition and work with them till the condition is good enough for extensions
I'd say aslong as there regrowth / where you are going to be putting the Beads isn't overly bleached it should be okay. Normally with blondes it's the mid lengths and ends that are the most damaged. But if they have been overlapping there bleach and then you go and fit a la weave and that bit of hair is really weak from the bleach it would snap off X
If I can see the roots have been bleached a lot I won't do extensions on them just Incase the hair couldn't take it. You can normally see shorter hairs aswell which shows its already breaking up the shaft X
LA WEAVE is a great method but always make sure there is no breakage at the roots. Make sure roots (and at least 5" of healthy hair) is on their head to support weight of weft you are inserting. Good luck hope this helps.

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