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Jul 28, 2003
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HI could you all advise what kind of extraction you have? We are going back into L + P in a bigger way and i am worried about the vapours. We carnt fit an extraction to our desks so i was thinking of a free standing one. Has anyone used one? do you find it effective? how much was it? where did you buy it from?

Any info greatly appreciated (hows that spell check coming?)
Hi Tracy,

I have a fuminator which sits on the desk - it certainly attracts about half of the dust. It cost about £80. If you are in a salon with a few of you working then you need to look at proper extraction. I work on my own so there is not too much, so the fuminator copes and I have some time between clients to leave the area. I am having a new desk made and my hubby is going to put somethng in the top - who knows what it will be LOL - it might be just a big hole, or even an elephants trunk - the mind boggles - sorry I digress LOL.

Hi fiona ,
thanks for the advice, we mainly use gel which is odourless but are going into acrylic more and it is the vapours i am most concerned about its quite a large room, but compared to the gel the acrylic smells really strong, has your unit made a big diff to the smell? I do remember seeing a desk top vapour extractor but carnt think for the life of me where it was now!! Typical!
Yes it does cut down the vapours to some extent.
Were did you get it from?
thank you
i've got a question about extrctor things!

I'm getting a desk ( I'm really excited, i bought it off nailtique) its got the filter in the desk, i just wondered does that mean you dont need bed roll or anything? stupid question i know but i thought i would just ask?? ta. x
There are many other ways to minimize vapour odour along with a good extraction ventillation system. Some of these are listed below.

1. Never wipe your brush on your towel as a matter of habit. Use a lint free gauze pad that is preferably damp with sanitizer (this draws the fluid into the pad and helps to neutralize the vapour.

2. Always store waste in a METAL bin with a lid. This can reduce odour by 70% immediately.

3. Always keep your dappen dish covered (when not in use) and preferably use a glass one.

4. Use only small amounts of monomer in the dish and when used up, add more. Try to time this well so that at the end of the day, you are not throwing away excess expensve monomer.

5. Always transfer monomer to the dappen dish using a pipette. If you pour it from the bottle you are likely to spillage and excess odour.

These are just a few 'good housekeeping' habits which will go a long way to reducing odour in the salon.
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