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Jul 31, 2003
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Hi Everyone

Just to say, that this website is excellent, I am learning so much just reading everything.

Mrs Geek, I found Sinful range of polishes at a wholesalers in Bournemouth when I was visiting recently, the colours were excellent, but as I am setting up a salon, I wanted to try lots of different brands, the sinful did not last any more than cosmetics. However, I have boxes of Creative colours as they are the best - they have lasted 7/10 days and I am so pleased with the consistency and colours. They are really deep and look so good.

However to my question. I have just done 3 days of fdfc at Plymouth with Lynne and Katrina (which was brill) and am setting up a salon in a shop I currently own, with Therapists working in an adjacent room. I am looking for a really good and quiet air extractor fan for the window/wall - does anyone have ideas. I have a REM nail station and will be ordering a table extraction unit too - but want to make sure customers in the shop and therapy areas don't complain about the smell. If anyone has had these problems it would be great to hear how you got round them.

Another point following the brilliant tutorial I have done my first set of sculpted nails on nail trainer - they are brilliant, smile lines great, and nice and thin. Am going on Masters part 1 - for sculpting in Sept and wonder whether I can use sculpting on all clients (except nail biters) can I have some advice on this - I found it so great, but wonder where I should show distinction of tips/sculpting.

Keep up the good work and I love reading the sensible replies and encouragement everyone gives. :D

Love to all
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