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Mar 3, 2014
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Hi, has anyone trained with eyelash emporium? The course looks really good but a bit pricey compared to other companies I've come across, any feedback on the training and products would be fab xx
Hiya I trained a couple of years ago, the training was good and their lashes are really good, I would recommend using them but don't expect to be great straight away- they teach you the basics but it's all about practice. You don't get much practice on the course you have to do it at home as case studies. X
I trained with eyelash emporium about a year ago, and loved it. The classes are small, the tutors are really knowledgable and I love the products too. You have to do case studies after, which is where you really get your practise in, but I found it really helpful to be getting continued feedback after I'd left the course. They are quite particular on making sure you definitely can do a good set before they issue your certificate, but again, I was pleased I was getting really helpful feedback. Plus the starter kit you get with the training is great too

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