Eyelash extension advice

I’ve been having mink semipermanent eyelashes done for a while. But recently I’ve noticed they are quite clumpy and point in different directions a lot, the attached picture is after my first infill on this set and they are quite painful I feel that when I brush the eyelashes they are quite sore and poke into my eyelid. I really like the lady who does them and for me it’s the most convenient but I’m after some advice as to whether these are good eyelashes or not? X



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Some of them look too close to the skin of your eyelid so they are digging in (think like a splinter) so no wonder they are sore!

I would have them removed. Although they will grow out & away from your eyelid I would want it done sooner rather than later.

At the end of the day you need to tell your technician as she might need to adjust how she works as thats not right xx


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They look too close to the skin and have clumped! I would get them removed so they don’t damage your natural lashes

Head over to you tube and search Frankie Widdows, her videos have taught me loads x


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Im Sorry but I’d be unprofessional to say these are ok, these are not a safe set of lashes. Extensions should not be a nuisance, they should not be painful and if applied correctly using the correct lengths and thicknesses as they grow out they will remained aligned. The odd one may twist but when several twist this is due to over weighting the natural lash. The lashes are too close as such the glue will be touching your skin which could result in sensitivity to the product.

It’s very hard to identify poorly applied lashes when you know no different, trust me you can get a better set