Eyelash Extensions Anyone?


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Mar 6, 2006
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Hi pretties,

if anyone doing eyelash extensions can you please feedback your suppliers and prices please.

I use Lash Beauty. They used to be called Lash Envy. I'm not sure what prices you want but here's their site: LashBeauty - Home

PS- That's my 1st set of lashes. I don't have any pic's of my more recent ones.

I am also thinking of training to do lash extensions but am worried they might not last as long as suppliers claim. How long do your clients find they last waxprincess??
I looked into lash extensions and think they look amazing - beautiful and natural looking.


They take an enormous amount of patience (which I have) but not THAT much. I also worried about clients 'unrealsitic expectations'.

The time it takes to apply them is a factor...I really couldnt see myself sitting doing such intensive work for such a long time.

There is some great companies but I think you have to look for the best glue available for the staying power.

If lashes are what your interested in then I think it would be a very rewardable treatment to carry out.

Wax princess - they look stunning.
I had lash extensions done for a good few months and loved them. Cabinkel on here did them and she was very good. I never found they were any trouble. you had to look after after but it was no big deal and just like nails you go back every few weeks to have them filled.
Hi i trained with Hollywood Lashes Hands On Beauty - Training Academy (this is the trainers website and there is a link on there for the lashes) they are fantastic i've done them for about 18 months now and i have regular customers every 2 weeks. They don't suit everyone unfortunatley! They say they last up to 3 months but they've got to have top ups done every 2-3 weeks as we shed our lashes. This treatment has taken over my nails and is very popular for Xmas. I charge £80 for a full set and infills are £20. I'd send you a pic but not sure how to add it on here.
My Mom and sister wore them for MONTHS. You just have do touch-ups about every 2-3 weeks. I tell people it's like getting your nails done. The full set is the big money part but keep up is a breeze. I charge $295 for the amount in the picture and then touch-ups start at $35, but is based on how many lashes are applied.

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