Eyelash extensions sore?


I am qualified in individual eyelash extensions and have been practicing on mum and two friends.

I have finally sussed getting a neat line of lashes but I have been having complaints that after a few hours/next day their eyes are watering and sore?

I am not applying lashes or getting any glue on the lid however I am maybe thinking they might be just too close to the clients lid so when they have there eyes open it is irritating the eye.

Has any technician had this trouble before or can recommend anything that I can do to stop this as I really enjoy doing the lashes but have to say it's knocking my confidence to carry on practicing?

I was using sky glue but am about to try out eyelash emporium glue as both my eyelash ladies sware by it and haven't had any problems so far.


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It sounds like you maybe placing them a little to close to the lash line causing irritation. In this case I would remove them as their eyes will just continue to stay sore.


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Once eyes have settled you'll be fine to re-apply just carful with your placement x