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Jun 30, 2010
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I need to buy a new eyelash perm kit and would like some advice if possible.

The one I got in my college kit was Thuya and I got great results from it, but as I can't find it anywhere.

I was thinking of trying the SalonSystem kit, has anybody used this one?

I have noticed that most kits have a collagen solution, mine just had perming rods, perming lotion and neutraliser. What are the benefits of using the collagen and how would I use it?

Thanks :D

I think ellisons do stock Thuya perming. Thuya - Ellisons

take a look at that hunni.

Jen x
Just noticed those lash lift curler thingys, they look interesting lol... anyone know how they work??
Thank you! That's the exact one I used :D

do you know if I will need an account to buy from there?

no you dont need an account you just have to be a professional in beauty trade, chick.
I don't do eyelash perming anymore as i'm allergic to perm solution so not really up to date with that now, but knew I'd seen that brand in the catalogue so glad i could be of help :)

Jen :hug:
I tried to fill the online form thingy in, but you have to tick this box that says you have pubic liability insurance, and as I am not currently working as a beauty therapist I don't, so I have sent them an email hopefully will hear back soon. They have looooads of minx!! YEY! :D
OMG! :eek: just noticed I typed PUBIC liability insurance!! Lol, how blonde!! Haha, sorry but my pubes are not insured :cry:

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