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Aug 27, 2010
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Has anyone use the salon systems remover before?
I used it on myself and must have got some on my eyelid and it nipped like mad, r all removers like this or just this one (not tried others)
I use the glam lash one and I have noticed it does sting if it gets in the eyes, so you need to be really careful. But I always keep some cold damp cotton wool pads next to me to give to the client straight after removal and before they open their eyes just to cool them down and wash away any left over residue from it.
I have used it for the cluster lashes, I put it onto two cosmetic buds, and held one undermeath and one on top, and held it there for a few seconds then using a kind of stroking movement to remove them, I had also used the SS glur to apply, if needed, a little more could be added to the buds, or use another couple of buds to apply more, worked ok f or me hth x
I think they all sting if gets in the eye. I've used Lash Perfect and also Eyelash Emporium. I used a microbrush and small applicator sponge (can't think of name of them but look like an eye shadow applicator) and I dipped the microbrush in the remover, dotted any excess off on some couch roll, and whilst holding the applicator sponge underneath, swept the micro brush through the lash until it removes. I've never had an issue with clients eyes stinging thank god, but i have done it on myself and it did sting!! Not good x

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