Fabric # advantages?


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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
I'm really happy with my l&p and gel nails. I feel confident with the products so I feel that now is the time to look at some more training.

I could afford to either
1) train to do fabric#
2) do creative masters

at the moment I could not spare the time or money to do both so I want you guys to help me decide?

I'm not sure what the advantages of fabric are over my other systems, or how I would sell it & to whom. I have never been asked for it except by my mother but she didn't really know why she wanted it just that she had them done somewhere and liked them. Can anyone explain the advantages AND disadvantages of this system against the other systems.

Thanks :D :D
Well Ella,
The advantages are no odour, fast soak of time, thin and flexible,fantastic look, as a natural nail wrap, fantastic, thin and very strong, nail repairs fast and very strong...........As it is a 3 step Adhesive system, you can taylor make it, to suit your clients needs..................The choice of Fibreglass or Silk, depending on which look you prefer crisp and clear or nice and soft................

And I think that every Technician should know each and every system, so she can advise and service accordingly................Become a full menu Technician.........I know you do 2 systems already so why not the 3rd???

Have you tried it yet ???

Love Ruth xxxxxx
Thanks for that ruth - I was sure you would be able to answer this one, but please just clarify exactly when I would recommend this typ of nail for a client as opposed to the other systems?

I would recommend.................
This system is for clients that are looking for the ultra thin and flexible look, the clients that shy away from L&P, or find gels to thick.............

It also works very well for clients who have deeper ridges on their nails, as you get great adhesion with the resin as the first layer bond, becomes one with the nail, ....................

Existing fibreglass users wont have to be turned away or converted!!!!!!

So it depends on the clients wants and needs..................
So if you have a client coming to you who has Fibreglass on their nails, you can then service them without having to change the system, just continue with the Fabric#system.......................

You can also infill L&P with Fabric#, they wont know the difference..........
So there are numerous reasons here why you should add this to your menu...................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Hi Ella

Firstly a huge thank you to Geeg for introducing me to Fabric#

I totally agree with all of the advantages cited by Ruth above...


1. I like the efficiency of having no brushes to clean. They are all neatly stored inside the bottles.

2. I am finding that there is less dust than with acrylic during rebalances

3. I take considerably less time using Fabric# than acrylic, for both full sets and rebalances.

4. Most of my clients who were very happy with acrylic are overjoyed with Fabric# and report that it appears to be even stronger.

5. Now that I am using "More Than White", I won't need to keep a stock of French tips as well as natural-looking tips; I can paint natural tips to suit each client's nails

There are many more advantages that I could write.......
although I'm at risk of an overlong post.

In my opinion, give yourself a third system to offer your clients

Go for Fabric# you will be amazed.

Have just booked my Fabric course for November, and greatly looking forward to it. :)

One question, does Fabric adhere better to those with oily nail beds. Someone said it did, but wanted the words of the professional? I do have a lady with that problem (you may remember the post!!!!!) and I wondered if this might be a better system for her :?: :p

Ooh I love this site - it's like a guru at your fingertips. Thanks everyone

Next question is:

Do you have to remove fabric nails after a few fills, or can they just keep being filled/rebalanced indefinitely?
Well said Beatrix, you just filled in the bits I couldn't think of lol
Soak of????
Unless there is severe lifting and there shouldn't be if you prep well.......
nope it's the same as L&P or Gels....................

A for very oily nail beds, well scrubfresh, nailfresh and scrubfresh again, and then there should be no problem................You can do this for all systems............

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Sawasdee kha

I look the nail ruth make with fabric and very beautifull now i do lp i want learn fabric next time is very beautifull .

Kop khun kha mui
Don't get me wrong, I think Fabric looks amazing. I went to the demonstration by Gigi last night and it was fantastic.

However, if your choice is between the Creative Masters and Fabric, then I would go for the Masters. The reason being is that then you and your customers know that you are a Master in Liquid and Powder. I think maybe it would bring you more confidence knowing that, and you get another Certificate to add to your wall and a special badge as well! :D

The Fabric is relatively cheaper I found which is a Godsend! And I suppose it all depends on how much you want to try a different product, and how long it would be before you can afford the kit if you go on the Masters.

One good thing if you go on the Masters is that if you have any time at the end for troubleshooting etc, then you could always talk to your trainer directly about Fabric, and maybe see a demo whilst you are there.
Try before you buy type thing. :D

That way, you are a Master in one, and have all the information needed for when it comes to buying the other one. 8)
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