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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi regarding the fabric (symbol thingy)
do you do a creative conversion course in this.
basically im giving up gels (i'm just so crap ! oops can i say that!) dread having a customer - but know its a vicious circle ie; need practice to make me better etc etc.
but can do soft touch silk wrap OK so as i want to basically transfer to creative as 'everyone' raves about it wondered if you do a conversion.
also do you do seperate manicure and pedicure courses
and one last question, i.m currerntly using alessandro for manicure and heated hand treatment at mo and i do like them i have just brought a large retail set for their Man manicure... do creative do a man range and if i trained in creative can i continue to use alessandro manicure and man range until stock runs out (sorry that was a couple of questions)
hi jen...
from what i know you have to have had your nail qualification/certificate for at least 12 months before going on a creative conversion...i recently did the L & P conversion and i had to take along my certificate as proof...ive recently enquired about fabric too, im going on one of the fabric conversions in a months time...ive just bought the starter kit, it looks great, so straight forward...i originally learnt fibreglass nails with star nails, it was really fiddly and fibreglass wasnt very strong, so not many peeps wanted fibreglass but this new fabric is suppose to be as strong as L & P...
ive done a spa manicure and pedicure with creative...i did it at leeds, i had to purchase the kits and got the training free...and it was luvly...their solar manicure smells lush too...dont know bowt the man thing though!!!
im sure if u did creative u could offer a mixture to ure clients...u could carry on with ur man manicure and also offer the creative treatments...
have u asked for a brochure to be sent to u????
im sure master geek will advise u further...
...Nailtiqe answered that brilliantly!!
CND don't do specific Man-icure products so you could tailor the treatment and products to suit a male client - for example, you could do a manly Solar Drench Manicure by finishing it off with a massage with 'Birch & Mint' Scentsations - this smells almost like a manly after-shave balm / moisturizer - really fresh :pirate: Yes you could use CND products too whilst using others... the only ones who can't do that are our Ambassadors :rolleyes: :tongue: :?
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