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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
sure shes a great hand model,but i know good work when i see it!
i dabbled with fabric at our regionals & i was v.impressed.
maybe we could get together sometime, &swop notes! :D
ive become so wrapped up (ooh,v.bad pun!) with L & P but i would love to get jiggy with it with fabric.
are you going to excell in sept, maybe we could meet up? xx :?: :D
Yes liza that would be great Hun, and we could have a right old chin wag about the whole sticky subject.................
We could have a fabricated corner lol..................
But your comments are very much appreciated, coming from a winner like yourself xxxxxxx
love Ruth xxx
winning is great but its even better when you can share it with talented techs like yourselves 8)
i know we will chat more but nearer the time we must swop numbers so that we can meet up at excell
I think i shouldve posted this as a personal message, but i havnt worked out how to do it yet! :oops:
speak soon xx
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