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Sep 17, 2003
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I did my first full set today with Fabric and im pleased the only problem i had was the brush for the brush on activator got clogged with hard resin which i did clean as shown but still wrecked.

I used cotton buds instead of my spare brush in case there are any tips to avoid doing it again.

Would something like water on the pad help to clean of resin before putting back in the bottle?

Cristine :)
One of the reasons the brush got clogged is............

When you have used the spray activator on the build, you must give the nail a tidy up around the edges and a little all over buff, this removes any left over spray activator................

This will give you the right boost to brush on activator ratio............... the spray activator works faster then the brush on one.....so if any blast spray is left on the plate it will carry on working.......... so when you come to brush the boost into place, the left over activator will clog up your brush...................

So remove any traces of blast spray and clean your blast brush 3x right 3x left and you should be fine..............

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo water unless you want a gunky whitish looking mess on the end of your brush...............

Cotton buds............. Why not try a clean left over nail polish brush ??????
You can place the blast brush in some acetone, twiddle it a bit, stir the bristles round a bit and it will dissolve any left on gunk..........wipe it thoroughly on a tissue ............

Also watch out that you don't put the brush back in the blast before cleaning it, otherwise you will end up with a gloopy sticky yucky activator.......

Hope this helps
Writing this with raging toothache , dentist on Monday :(
love Ruth xxxxxxx
Hi Ruth

Thanks for all your advice sorry to hear your not feeling well hope you feel better soon.

Cristine :)

I had the same problem today with my brush for the brush on activator it got all clogged.

This happens before i get a chance to clean it before putting back in the bottle could it be that im using to much or to little activator to smooth resin?

Cristine :)
Possibly too much.

OR you are taking too long to spread the bead out.

OR you are using too large a bead of BOOST.

Most people use too much BOOST when they start. The whole operation should only take seconds per nail with a good wipe (3 cirlces clockwise and 3 circles anti-clockwise) on a dry piece of old terry towell or a lint free gauze pad.

This should not be a problem.
Hi there

I had exactly the same problem and trashed my little boy's paintbrushes trying to sort it out. :oops:
My friend also used the system and had no problems (but other people on another Creative course - not Fabric one - had the same problem as me). :(
We got together to see what we were doing differently - my friend uses the nozzle of the boost bottle to spread the blob a little (she used to do fibreglass before and didn't bother with the instructions, just did what she was used to) - this means that the activator brush is in contact with boost for less time and has less chance to go hard. :goal:
As Geeg says - I was taking too long - soooooo by trial and error we have agreed (probably against all the best advice) that spreading the blob with the nozzle and then refining it with the brush worked best. :p

Hope this helps - its certainly worth a try.

Nice one Ruthie,
It doesn't matter how you spread the boost, knife and fork, ladle, pallet knife.........................
What does matter is, it works for you !!!!!!
Glad you found a way.........solved a problem....... poor son thought, I think you owe him a paintbrush bless.....................!!!!!

love Ruth xxx
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