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Feb 5, 2008
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West Yorkshire
Sorry if this has been discussed before, is it best to have a Facebook group or page for a Business I'm really unsure.

Many thanks
I have both getting more response from group at the moment
I was looking for an answer to this too, if I come across anything will let you know! I have a ace book page and only seem to get the same few people liking my posts also I've paid for advertising on Facebook and still don't seem to get anywhere!
I had more group members in 3 hours than likes on my page in 3 years! People message me on my private account now as you post as yourself in the group as the group doesn't have a message inbox
I have just set up a group as when I tried to do a page it wanted an address and as I'm currently mobile I don't have one ... Thanks !
After I posted here it got me thinking...

Facebook dosent do a very good job with my page (wants me to boost by paying for exposure & dosent show EVERY liker my posts) if I had a group everyone in it would see everything every time I posted wouldn't it?

Are there rules against having a group for a business page? I've already had my profile taken off me once for breaking rules regarding advertising my business so don't want to risk that again
This is really interesting - so basically if you have a group and add people yourself, then they can add people too?! Is that what you mean?!!

I put SO much time into my Facebook posts but it is so limited as to who sees it and I struggle to get likes. I just don't want to annoy or overkill people with stuff so do you just add them or ask them first??! Xx
I have just set my group to open so any one can ask to join and I do believe that every time you post the whole group will we it and not just 1 person and I'm sure they can always leave the group or set it so they aren't following every post if it gets too much for them . I had a page before and it was only ever reaching one person and I was also paying sometimes.

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