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Apr 9, 2010
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Someone added me on facebook who claim to sell minx cheap! But at £12.99 plus postage for a sheet! Posts up everyday with a picture, proper minx pic, and says offers discounts on minx etc!
Then today they put up saying they officially sell Shellac now! So I asked if they had any salon racks as s2 are out. They said no. Then I asked if they have base and top coat- again they said no!
So I asked if they have the lamps and they replied they sell a uv lamp for £99.99 which is the same as the cnd one and it does cure brisa and shellac or I can have the actual cnd one for £150!!

I have emailed S2 about it and gave their profile. Surly this is wrong to go adding people on facebook and try sell these professional products! I still have no idea how they found me on facebook either!!
It's just like ebay...people selling shellac right now for double the price. I don't get how this stuff is legal. It irks me too!
Had a reply from S2 regarding this, they think they know who it is as someone from the area the profile is from has been buying a crazy amount of minx! All details have been forwarded onto Samual so hopefully something will get done about it! :green:

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