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Mar 18, 2004
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Hi there,

I'm new here and I was wandering something.In saturday I'm going to a masquerade and I will be dressed like a faery.I want to do some nail art on my nails but I don't have idea what I should do...

I'm amateur in nail art and as far I do only freehand on my own nails.

Anyone has any idea of what a Fairy nails should look like?

Thanx in advance

Hello welcome!!!

How about painting a lovely garden with flowers and butterflies or you could even do little fairies if you can manage on yourself. Or how about some lovely lace or diamantes for sparkle!!!! :D
Hey :)

Creative Nail have a gorrrrgeous picture of a green fairy with green nails and diamond bindi's (sp?!) placed at the edge.

There's a picture on the Designer Nails site, in the banner - see here - http://www.designernails.co.uk/products.aspx

You can either place adhere the bindi's over the nail, or incase it in clear acrylic so there's no risk of them being damaged or coming unstuck!!!

Hope it helps

i ilke that one up above

pretty much, faeries i think of a light color. so whatever you dress is match that. then anything glitter, whether all over the whole nails, just the tips, or just the very edge. or maybe half way
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