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May 15, 2011
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Stockport, England
Hi Geeks! I'm currently using LA Tan and am happy with it, however I'm soon starting at a salon and taking over on a self-employed basis (using my own products) from a therapist who uses Fake Bake and has done so for at least two years. Has anybody used both brands and think that one is better than the other? Should I stick with LA Tan or change to Fake Bake? TIA x
What prices does she charge compared to you for the service?
How many clients do you have happy with LA?
Why not offer both tans at different prices and see what call you get, if you already have LA there's no point leaving it to go off.
Fake Bake all the way & i charge £15-£20 per tan [emoji5]️
Thanks Ladies x I'm mobile and charge £15-£18. The therapist at the new salon charges £22.50 but it's in quite an affluent area. Having slept on it, and for the time being, I think I might keep LA Tan for my mobile work and try a sample of Fake Bake before June.

thetanologist, if I go with Fake Bake for the salon, the current therapist offers Original and Dark - should I stick with these two or also offer Gorgeously Golden and 60 minute tan? x

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