Fake or genuine Shellac?


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Apr 26, 2015
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Hello all! Can you tell if these are genuine shellac? Some one is selling them.


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If the price is too good to be true they're probably not real in my opinion. There's a lady I'm friends with on facebook selling what she claims is real CND shellac for 8e a bottle.. it just can't be real for that price.
Well, I agree with you but they are used. So the price is low anyway. I think that genuine shellacs should have a plastic wrap around the bottle and the bottom of the bottle should be white. Am I right? Is there any possibility to be older versions?
No way to tell without at least smelling them. I have seen counterfeits that look identical (even with fake batch codes). But one whiff confirmed they weren't.

If you do via PayPal or a Credit Card, am pretty sure you can do a charge back if it turns out to be fake.
I don t buy from e bay. I m not interested to buy them either. But I d like to know if they are genuine, because she insist that they are. The whole bottle is colored, they have a stuck label on both sides and the code is at the back side not at the bottom. so is that an old bottle of shellac or is it fake?
Something else a few months ago I bought Aurora collection from the official cnd distributor here in Greece some bottles are a little different from the others. they don t have that plastic wrap around the bottle and they have stuck labels. Do you know if they changed the bottles?
There really is no way of knowing x
Tbh I wouldn't buy them anyway, even if they're real. They could be contaminated with dust and bits, and make your life difficult. X
Tbh I wouldn't buy them anyway, even if they're real. They could be contaminated with dust and bits, and make your life difficult. X
You' re right! Thank you all!
The only way to be 100% sure that you're spending your hard earned cash on genuine products is to buy from the authorised distributor :)
They look like the old packaging.. Probably real, but not worth the chance that they might be contaminated in some way..
I wouldn't bother,
buy from the warehouse/ suppliers ... 1. You know they are genuine products 2. You'll be properly insured if something happens... Last thing you'd need is a client suing for damages and you not being properly insured as you've used sub standard products ... !!!
For the sake of saving a few pence it's not worth it ... X
Make sure you buy all products from a beauty supply store

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