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Feb 23, 2007
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Hi everyone
I have a client who loves fake tan but after a day or 2 it becomes very patchy and looks terrible. Her doctor says she might have a skin condition (non infectious) that could cause this.
What i was wondering was does anyone use a fake tan product which doesnt use the natural skin colour to develop as i think this might work for her.
Any ideas anyone ?
I do love fake bake but i find it fades ever so quickly, the gold one is much better, can you try that one on her?
I think all 'fake' tan products work with the amino acids in the very top layer of the skin.....I guess if these aren't working for your client, the only option is a tinted moistureser type product.

What is the skin condition her GP has diagnosed?

Are you sure she is prepping correctly?

Which products are you using at the mo?
I know she has tried numerous products - fake bake, st t, johnstone moisturiser etc etc.
One doc said she had impetigo but you cant see any different colours on her skin another doc said it wasnt this but a skin infection which i cant remember the name of but to stay out of the sun for a year which she has done.
She defo preps properly.
She used to be a tan bed queen but understands that this is now not the best for her skin.
Thanks for all your advice. I'll ask her what the doc says she might have and let you know.
It all goes patchy !:lol:
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