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Oct 25, 2008
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north wales

I am wondering if there is anyone experienced in fashion show and fashion shoots who would mind helping me work out a rate?

I am a qualified MUA but this is a departure for me as I do mainly bridal and special occasion make up and I am not sure what to charge for catwalk and fashion shoot work.

They have seen my work, and are happy with it, I am just not sure what the going rate is.

any advice re pricing would be gratefully recieved.

Hi there,

from my experience (up here - its different to down south) you don't get as much ££ as you would for your bridal work.

You usually charge by the hour - and stick to it. Alot of togs and fashion show organisers want you for practically nothing in return for the prints. So work out whether its really what you want to do and work out your costings and tell them the price.

I have kind of moved away from the fashion and photographic side and only do it as requested with the means of payment - otherwise its really not worth my while and a lot of hard work. Give it a go - you might really enjoy it - especially getting the chance to do some whacky make-ups ( a change from the clean bridal looks we get so used to).

hope this helps

thats very intersting thank you for your advice. I think its something I do want to trial as I am an experience EVERYTHING kind of girl. I think it shall work an hourly rate and a model by model rate out and put it forward, they can only say no eh?

thank you for your advice. very grateful


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