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Nov 20, 2007
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Im currently a mobile nail technician and looking to get into the beauty sector but i hate the idea of "going back to school" and i'm looking for a quick fix type thing .... probably not the best but realistically i cant afford to go back into full time education for long .... anyway im wondering if anyone knows of a fast track beauty course where i can learn as much as possible in as little time as possible? I found one for about 3k which is slightly (to say the least) out of my price range and another i found although its 4 days long you have to work on a portfolio for 2 years after that!

if anyone could give me advice id be very grateful!!!

all the best for 2008!!! xxx
i am sure many colleges do part time courses.. i know mine do a one day a week from 9 till 6pm for mature students and also they do evening courses.........worth a try
I was going to say something similar to Joanne.

As someone who trained with a "fast track" college (i.e. 9 days in class), and then completed my IHBC & NVQ portfolio afterwards, I am of the opinion that there is no fast track way unless you have the 5 or so grand to hand for fast courses such as those in London or at the Brentwood Academy.

It took me over two years to get my portfolio finished working around a full time job. A lot of that was due to being a perfectionist, but the worst thing was trying to re-learn things on your own when you know it's not quite right, but you don't have a trainer there to guide you.

If you can, i would look into part time, but if, as i am finding, less and less colleges are doing part time courses in your area, i'm afraid there aren't many other options than the expensive courses. I did levels 2 & 3 with the Carlton Institute... only qualified in level 2 as i wasn't happy doing level 3 without constant supervision, and it cost me just shy of £4k. You may find some of the adult education centres doing the coursesso keep an eye out for the new prospectuses which are normally renewed in march/april time!

hth's and have a great new year!
i worked full time so i studied part time, in the evenings and took each beauty therapy subject separately

check out your local fe colleges and see what part time courses they offer

you will probably find most fast track beauty courses can be quite pricey

do your research and choose carefully, good luck
Hiya and as happy new year to you!

I second everything that has been said hun. In my opinion there is no such thing as a fast track course. I took a fast track nail course and although it did teach me the basics I soon realised that there was just so much that I wasn't taught.

I studied beauty therapy for two years and there is just no way that I could have learnt all that in a few days/weeks.

I think that you should try to find a part time course and maybe do as one of the others who replied did (forgive me I don't remember your name) and do each unit seperately.

All the best babe, hope it all works out for you.:hug:

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