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Just a combination of things, lots of sick days being one of them. But had staff training today for 3 hrs, admittedly on their day off but I don't often ask them to come in and I struggle to find a slot in the week to book in training. It had been booked in for months and I get a text at 10pm last night to say she's not coming in, it's just the lack of respect and bad attitude that is getting me down, don't honestly know how to deal with it!
Did she give a reason why ? Or was it another sick day ?


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All is good for me was just thinking yesterday how lucky I am with my customers lots of funny entertaining women. I really enjoy working, I'm very busy and feel proud of what I've achieved. I've crafted the business to be a specialist salon, I love waxing, and I've altered the hours to suit me and working nice hours. I am so grateful and content.

A lot changed for me when I posted here a few years back when I was run down, working crazy hours, taking no breaks, I listened to my lovely salon geeks advice and made changes and continued to make changes and altered things based on what I want in life and not what 'I think I should be doing' or on 'what others are doing'.

Change what you're doing if you're not happy. Look for solutions or alternatives.

I did lol at the post that mentioned 'Salon Stalkers'..... I agree its unreal... starting to feel hunted... I haven't found a solution to that yet, but I'm working on it will keep you posted :)


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Please can I join I am fed up , I'm quite I love my job but the staff drive me crazy, I feel like all they ask me for is breaks and pay but they want more hours, more commissions but not bringing the clients, I have one girl on a 50/50 split and I buy all her products and then found out she is doing clients from home, they have no get up and go in all the staff , they think they are above cleaning , never tell me stock is low the list is endless! Help! I have only been open 17 months and feel like chucking the towel in x


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I don't believe the % thing works - 50% of nothing is.....NOTHING! :oops:
I tried it with a couple of nail techs, they didn't want to 'work' at building a clientele in salon, preferred to service the client at home, and keep all the money!

I've always been VERY motivated, so find it hard to understand those who sit back, and wait to be 'fed'.:rolleyes:

Either employ, or rent that space! :cool:


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I am sick of hiring staff to even do cleaning for example. You pay them x amount they seem to be working while you there then you leave come back hour later and nothing is done .

I just closed my shop now after working blinking 7.30-6pm straight like as one client left other was waiting plus i fitted in two extra clients so I had no break to eat anything or even go to the loo.
I stay update my client cards and tidy up and guess what , oh 4pm home time good bye let's leave after doing nothing, but if you don't pay them in full or bonus or Christmas they throw a fit.

So now at 7pm in the blinking evening I am sat mopping scrubbing floors myself now doing laundry of towels and it's 9pm and I only just eaten left over from last night !

I think i like to also "work for someone " and get to complain about my mean boss!!


These are all the reasons why I am selling up and to be honest I feel liberated by the decision. Just want to work for myself and not have to manage people anymore.I constantly feel like I have to be on everyone's back all the time to have things done as they should and it's exhausting.


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My message to you all is Stay strong lovelies.
Business is so tough and you will be given lemons at times but as the saying goes you've got to find a way to make lemonade.
I'd love to say the following to you,
* never let your standards slip just because those around you may not be upholding your strong ethics. Set the standard/be the standard and get your team on board. Does your team know what is expected of them. I've printed up a "charter" and each team member has to, on starting with us (in a fun way but it's there none the less) swear to act in the XXX salon code - it makes everyone feel on the same page and know what's expected
* put complaint procedures in place. When a complaint is made (e.g. The social media one you mentioned) Fill out a complaint form, put it to your therapist/stylist in question and discover where she went wrong (is more training needed)
Come to a resolution with your therapist and then try to make it better for your client. This really helped me to not take it so personally. Prior to that I could not help but feel they were slagging off my child!
Filing the form (after speaking to the client and coming to a resolution) helps me literally put the issue to bed coz you know the very next day will bribg its own problems

When I'm having a tough day I'll often call my dad, an amazing businessman who gives me so much encouragement and strength. It's great
Never lose the passion that you have for the industry, your team will find it infectious. ❤

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How is this the first time I have seen this thread!?? I need to rant too!! I love my salon & I love my job, but I am also having these niggling thoughts about finding a smaller space just for me…maybe renting a treatment room from someone else and being the pain in the arse that thinks its ok to just not turn up for a week at a time because its quiet & expect to not pay the flat rate rent for those days… giving no thought whatsoever to the fact that the salon owner is relying on that rent to help run her business…ARRGGHH!! Also my renters do absolutely no self promotion or advertising..not even Facebook. No matter how many times I've tried to get them to start a page or to at least get their clients to interact with the salon page so they will see promos etc, its just "oh no its so much hassle" or "I haven't got time to mess around with Facebook"….but then on quiet days I am made to feel really guilty that they aren't busy!! When they are busy, they are great & really good stylists but they never put a towel in to wash or even wash up mugs or whatever at the end of the day. They just leave and I will come out of my treatment room to an empty salon that looks like a bomb has gone off. I am constantly asking them to tidy up & make sure its as they found it when they arrived, but it NEVER IS!!! They definitely do not pay enough rent for me to pick up after them like children & if I could find somewhere local (I love my clients, so wouldn't want to go far) to rent, I would do it. But I would also feel guilty about the fact that I was leaving the renters in the lurch. Also, one last thing…I've had 5 cancellations in January so far, 2 today…I'm seriously ready to lock the door & never come back!


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Regarding not cleaning, I would tell them you're hiring a cleaning service in two weeks. Therefore rent will be going up to pay for it. They don't want raised rent? Then they need to clean the salon.
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I'm following this thread now and will add my fed up rant tomorrow.
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