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Jun 1, 2021
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I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem as it’s been an issue in EVERY salon I’ve ever worked in 😂 and now in my current one. I’ve worked in this salon for 2 years self employed and renting a chair, of course the majority of that time has been in the pandemic. We were not at work at all last winter of course. This winter, I am realising that the salon owner puts strict limits on heating the salon! It gets extremely cold as it’s an old building, and I work mainly in the basement which of course is even colder, and isn’t even fitted with enough radiators to heat the space. The salon owner is apparently getting fed up with high heating bills, so she had said we are to only have the heating on for the morning, and turn it off at lunchtime. She also will not allow us to bring in extra plug-in heaters from home, due to the running costs. The salon is open til 7pm and it gets so cold by the end of the day that the clients all complain constantly to us, I’ve even seen some clients go out to their car to get a blanket to sit with. I have a feeling this could damage my business but the owner doesn’t see it that way (she is off work on maternity leave). I also see it from her point of view that out industry has suffered massively in the pandemic and corners have to be cut in order to keep operating. Anyone got any advice?

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