feedback on mani/pedi prices please :)


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Dec 28, 2005
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Hi I am about to incorporate creative manicure and pedicures onto my treatment menu and would like your opinion on pricing etc

Polish Change - Base and topcoat £5.50
Express Manicure - 30 minute treatment £15.00
Creative Luxury Spa Manicure - 1 hour treatment £22.00

Polish Change - £5.50
Express Pedicure - 30 minute treatment £15.00
Creative Luxury Spa Pedicure - 1 hour treatment £25.00

are my prices too low?
should i be charging £25 for a spa mani and £30 for a spa pedi?
should there be at least a £5 difference between them

Thanx much appreciated :)
hi your prices look fine, i guess it depends where you are, they are the same as mine and i am based in the north west.:)
im out in the middle of nowhere.... near the border of wales
my FB massage is £27
aromatherapy £32
so i think its inline....
I dont think people will mind paying more for creative spa, everyone ive done loves the products! Plus you have got to pay more for them and they arent cheap, but give great results.:)
are pedicures generally more expensive than manicures should i change the price of my express pedicure?
Hi Bronzewolf, I would always say that a Pedicure is more expensive than a Manicure. I have always charged more for a pedi. But that might change if you were using really cheap pedi products and expensive manicure ones, I guess.
if i were you i'd call some spas around you and price check...just make sure you do it from home or an unlisted number so they can't tell that you're price checking and then adjust your prices so that they're competitive...that's what i've done and it's worked very well ;)

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