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Sep 9, 2005
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Just wanted to have a bit of a moan really...
I have just sold a lovely pair of real gucci sunglasses on ebay that I purchased from a reputable department store a few years ago now, I only worn them for one summer and they were just stuck at the back of a draw, so they are in excellent condition, given that I always look after my things anyway!
Anyway I received an email back from the buyer telling me that they were blatant fakes and that she wanted a full refund...I told her that they were genuine and that she could always take them into a gucci store (as she lives in london) and they would be able to tell her without a doubt they were real, but oh no, she didnt want to embarrass her self by doing that. There was nothing I could say to her to try and prove myself, she was coming back with all these bitchy remarks and insults, trying to tell me that they were in to good a condition to be a few years old and that they were brand new fakes, and that real gucci is always written on the arm not a GG logo like they have. I told her to have a look on the gucci website and she would see lots of glasses with the GG logo on the arm, but she was not having that either! In the end I just said send them back to me asap and i'll give you your refund.
The thing that most annoyed me was her attitude, if she had not been the way she was, I would of just said, fair enough if thats what you want to believe, just send them back to me. And I would not have had to burst into tears and get really frustrated by it all.

Anyway thats my moan over with.

Hope everyone had a good week.
dont worry some people like to moan and cause problems
They all have there own serial number on them, is this person stupid or pulling a fast one

Take no notice and avoid him/her in the future

They got a great pair of Glasses

Never mind, don't take it to heart. You know you are telling the truth, so just let it wash over you. They've probably got a twisted horrible black inside, whilst if you let the insults flow away from you, you can feel cool and crystal clear inside! LOL
They're the ones that have lost out on getting a real pair of glasses. Maybe if you put them back on ebay you might get more for them! :hug:
Marion x
Just becareful that she does'nt try and swop them for a fake pair...!
Just becareful that she does'nt try and swop them for a fake pair...!

This is exactly what I was going to say....!!

Make sure you recieve your sunglasses to check them first before you refund her..
Exactly what I was going to say too ... be careful.
I'd tell her to get lost!!! lol n refund,if she doesn't want them to relist them herself!!! xx
When you sold the sunglasses you listed them as genuine I presume and they are genuine so you have no reason to refund this buyer she entered a contract to buy them and you have not sold her fakes so no worries ignore her :)
I have quit using ebay as both myself and my husband have had problems with people looking money back saying they never received goods and paypal taking the money back from our account. I think there are a lot of scammers on ebay and if you can avoid refunding her I would just incase she sends you back fakes.

She sounds like a nasty piece of work and I hope you get it sorted out:hug:.
I agree that you don't need to return the goods, as you supplied what you agreed - genuine Gucci sunglasses. Just delete any emails from her without even reading them. She is likely to give you neg feedback whatever you do so just forget about it. As said, you could end up with fakes, or damaged goods if they are not packaged correctly.

I had similar from a buyer who bought Eternity shower gel from me. She said it was fake, but it was actually part of a gift set i had bought from boots. I just didnt want the gel. I even had the receipt to back it up. I tried to explain but she was so rude i just deleted her emails in the end. It didnt bother me as i knew I had sent her the genuine item as agreed. Some people get off on complaining!
yep, dont give her a refundtill she sends back the sunglasses, if she gets abusive , you can report her to ebay and if she does leave neg feedback to you, you can reply to it saying what shes really like!
Tell her to hop it.

It's up to her to prove there not, and you listed a genuine item Yes!

Have no more contact with her & wish her all the best if she decides to take it further.

What proof do you have until she returns them, that she hasn't swaped them for crap ones. UNTIL you get them back!?
At the very least there will be a transaction record in the strore you purchased from...serial numbers etc. If she needs it she can go get it.

Good luck

Are you serious that you actually burst into tears over this incident? :eek: Why??
Do not refund! Although you have agreed to do this, it is not a contract. tell her she wont be getting one, and if you get negative feedback- its only one person, plus yuo can neg her, saying how abusive she was.
Another thing, if she paid via paypal clear your account out if you have money in there because if she puts a dispute in then they will take the money and there's nothing you can do. Its wrong but the buyer seems to have all the rights..! Iv been stung too
she did send the glasses back thank god they were the same ones...I do feel a bit silly now forgetting so upset, I should of just told her to shove it, but thats not me unfortunatly! Im just making her wait a bit now for her refund!! Ha ha!
Glad you've got it sorted. Remember to just refund the price of the glasses, don't refund your p&p charge. You've shelled out for that, so don't refund it.

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