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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee kha

when i was in bangkok i use drill for 10 day in my shop i use file does lady in geek use file or drill .

In america and england how long course for make cert drill and if lady use file why she think better then drill .

i see on geek before talk about drill damage this i confuse because i dont know how you can make drill damge .

At shop i stay Bangkok lady learn america 5 year and them only use drill not use file them shop and nail come very beautifull .

Kop khun kha mum
hiya mui :D
drills do often get a bad press.
probably for the wrong reasons.
in my experience, i have no use for a drill.
i was trained to "sculpt with my brush not my file".
the products i use set up with a very smooth surface, & need v.little finishing.
if the finished product is not applied too heavy, then rebalancing shouldn't need too much work.
the other reason i'm not into drills is that research shows that vibratory tools(e-files) can agrivate carple tunnel syndrome.
also, the speed at which most deills go can b responsible for micro cracks in the not-yet cured product.
however, i don't neccessarily agree with 1 of the biggest critisisms of drills-
"that drills do more damage to the nails"
in the wrong hands, an average 100/180 grit file can do LOADS of damage.
if a tech. is correctly trained in the use of drills, & the product that they r using needs to b heavily filed with a drill, & they DON'T drill on the natural nail, then no-one could b justified in saying anything negative about that.
the trouble is that a lot of techs that r using drills don't have that relevant training.
lol liza xx
sawasdee kha liza

I understand what you speak in Thailand nails not long time and people them learn liquid and powder but will learn gel sculpt and fabric for sure .

Will take some time in future will have .

Kop khun kha mui
I finish my nails by hand always, not much to do...I sculpt with my I only need to smooth the nails out.........
But I use e-file to remove the white part for the rebalance (forever french) and to shorten the nails.
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