First attempt at coloured Acrylic.. be gentle!


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Oct 26, 2010
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Ok so literally qualified couple of weeks ago.. had a bit of fun today just experimenting ( hence the random crystal nail going on there ) sorry the picture quality isnt the greatest!!

What do you think of the nails, im not really looking for feedback on the crystal nail as that was just slightly random :lol:

Soz guys ive just re-read my message and it seems like im being rude... feel free to comment on the crystal nail if you like, i just meant that i was doing the critique on that :) x
The nails look lovely, I dont do acrylic so cant comment professionally!
I love the multi coloured crystals looks very eye catching! Are they Swarovski crystals? How did you apply them? x
Thank you very much!

They were just rhinestones i had in my collection, not Swarovski, although i think i may invest in a batch and have a go on my toes with those.

I used a UV gel top coat, as thats all i had. applied all stones, starting round the edges and then filling in from there, cured and then applied another coat of the top coat and cured once more. x x
Well done you they look great! x:hug:x
They look fab! Love the Rhinestones :)
beside the pic-they must look great "in nature" !
I love the crystal nail!
They look very nice. I would try and make sure you check that the coverage of colours is correct on all the nails. To me its looks a little on the thumb that you have tried to avoid the sidewalls but have gone a little thin towards them so has a little less coverage (the pic doesnt come out very big so couldnt tell for sure if it was coverage or light but i saw bits at both sides so they cant both be light I guess) Also make sure the coverage at the very end of the free edge is complete.

I am being nitpicky but they do look lovely. They have a lovely length and shape to them and all look the same in those regards.

Keep up the good work.
Thank you very much skymark! i enjoy constructive feedback... im a bit of a perfectionist and like to hear of areas that need improved. Yes, the sidewalls and lack of product definately need a little work, i think i try so hard not to overbulk at the sidewalls and cuticles that sometimes there is just very little coverage in that area at all, or i overfile.

Thanks guys for taking the time to comment :) x
For a first attempt on coloured acrylic I think you have done an excellent job. Agree with Skymark (lisa's) comments but its good that you have identified this yourself. I love the colour and think the rhinstones look very striking. One thing to be aware of by adding a further coat over the rhinestones it does dull them slightly and I dont usually bother and they stay firmly in place till I remove them, just make sure they are well embedded before curing. Why not experiment to see what the wear and tear is on opposite fingers one with a covering layer and one without? Also try alternating hands on next application for true results

anne xx

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