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Apr 26, 2012
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chelmsford essex
A few of my ladys have flakey nails.
They both have Gellux,but due to the flakey nails,it only lasts a week as it comes off as the nail flakes.
Is there a sealer or primer or anything i can put on before the gellux?:irked:
doesn't that brand suggest you use primer or bonder? even if it doesnt i would still use one, as i bought gelitz primer or bonder wasnt a must but that didn't last either, peeled after two days then got told by a warehouse staff member it works better with the bonder!!!!!!!
Yes it does use a primer which i use but i need something to stop the flake while its on.:evil:
Hi Hun this may not help but this is the conclusion my clients and I have come too.

1. They have two choices a. Keep the free edge really short and have lovelymchip free nails because it's only the free edge that really flakes. B Have gel or acrylic enhancements or builder gel to provide a stronger basis to work on.

Let's be realistic about this shellac and OPI gel Color which I use are fantastic products but flaky nails just don't make a good canvas to work on.

You CAN'T promise clients two weeks chip free if their free edge flakes and people need to stop blaming the products. My mum has great normal nails and just got six weeks out of her OPI (yep growth was awful lol).

I do an immaculate prep and application and I KNOW IT'S NOT MY FAULT AND THE PRODUCTS ARE GOOD.

Have a chat with your clients Hun. Good luck xxx

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