Flat nails, see through apex?!


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Mar 10, 2007
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Sorry if this is silly but, I'll never know until I ask!

I have REALLY REALLY flat nails and most of them are ski-jump. I either use tips with a full well or sculpt on myself all the time, but I prefer longer natural looking nails.

I like the look of having perfect natural nails, probabaly because Ive never had them!

When I build my apex, sometimes i can see THROUGH it when looking at the nails from the side - It looks strange! and ruins the natural effect, obviously!

Would my only option really be to mix a good opaque custom blend, and use that in zone2/3?

Thanks! sorry if this is a dumb question!
Using creative perfect colours powders you could try a 50/50 mix of flawless pink and intense pink, if you find that this is too light for your skin tone add a very small amount of the colour, melting pot
you will find that this is not see through but a lovely natural looking colour for your nail bed and you can even make your nail bed look longer than it is if you wish to, hth
oh by the way hun no question is a dumb question :hug:
not a dumb question at all flower - do you have a pic so that we may beable to help you out abit better???

you say you have ski jump nails - how are you applying the tips? as there is a technique for this..... and it may just be that - that wants altering....

pics would be good tho sweetpea
I have mine painted right now so I'd have to a song and a dance to get a pic of what I mean but I will be sure to take one next time, if I get into this predicament again!

The problem is I need a lot of product in zone 2 to get a nice apex, and as I usually use a translucent pink or clear there, when I turn my fingers to the side, I can see right through my nail! lol

To get a better idea, I can sometimes see through it when looking down the barrel (from the clients perspective - me!)

My zone 3 color is always opaque, and zone 1 is too thin to cause this problem.

Eek - i hope that made sense!

thanks for all the help!! :hug::hug:
You could try a coverage blend of powders to make your nail opaque, that way you wouldn't be able to 'see through' them from the side.

But... in all honesty, is this just something that you notice or something that's noticeable to everyone?
I'm thinking you're more aware of it because it's your nails and you see them closer up than everyone else :wink2:
I guess I can admit to being a tad of a perfectionist... :o

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