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Feb 14, 2007
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Good morning everyone! Could someone please, please, please, tell me how to put a natural flower when using gel. I tried and tried and just couldn't do it.:irked: Thank you all so much for your help!
Once ive completed the nails, after filing and removing dust, i pop a little bit of nail glue onto the the nail then apply the flower using tweezers. Then apply my final coat of gel. :)
Alternatively you could apply it straight into your first coat of gel, cure then apply your second coat of gel straight over.

Hope that helps!
I put them on the tacky layer and then apply finishing gel over the top, they are then easy to remove at rebalance time.
OK, this is what i did. I applied my first thin coat of gel to the nail, cured, then i applied the flower, but it didn't lay flat, it keep lifting. I tried putting additional gel on it, but i couldn't get the flower to lay flat!:cry:
try putting a tiny teeny bit of gel under the flower rather than on top. What gel do you use? Mine is a builder gel so quite thick and the petals stick right to it.

Are these the real dried flowers? I have heard somewhere that you can wet them before applying them so they are more flexable but not sure if this is for use with gel and L&P as I am not so sure about water (allbeit such a small amount) being put into the enhancement.

Thanks for all the tips ladies! Rachel, i use CHRISTRIO gel products and the flower I think, are real, not sure.

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