Flyer distribution company, has anyone used a good one?


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Feb 1, 2012
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Can anyone give any advice? Fed up of getting done! Have got a few thousand flyers arriving any day soon... Had planned to get them distributed by a company; thankfully hadn't paid any money. They quoted per 1000 which was reasonable when I phoned hem to confirm they said its a minimum of 10000 flyers even if they get delivered with other peoples. Another company want 300 quid joining fee regardless how many flyers you have to send they add that on seperate!

Anyone any experience of this? Thanks
You can use royal mail.

Their website only tells you prices for large deliverys BUT contact your local sorting office and they should be able to advise you. I had a friend in N.Ireland who delivered (i think it was 2,000) for £90 ish a yr or so ago
I paid a local company £20 per thousand to go out with a little local book. I did 5000. We have a few clients from it :)
Jemima how did you find them? :)
I would 2ndroyal mail and your local paper will also deliver them with the newspaper for a fee. If you advertise with them you will get a better deal per thousand. Also the local newspaper shop may do you a deal.

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