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supernatural geek
Jun 18, 2003
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cambridge,ON canada .. but originally from uk , lo
hi if any one has done flyers and stuff could you all email me some so i can get a few ideas , coz the ones i have done i just dont like , my email is [email protected]
hun i have tried nding mine to you again if they don't turn out again i will put them in my gallery on here
hi hun i just dont get anything , it downloads the file and then all i get is a blank screen with a red cross ,dunno if its me not doing it right but i dont usually have probs , thanks for trying though
No Hun its this file!!! tje printers cant even open it!! i will try editing it now ...hav a client at 11 and then another at 11.30 so may take me a while
Hi Dee

In process of emailing you mine now!
thanks kim , they are great , :D
Did you get the one I e-mailed you?
no i didnt , i got an email asking for my email addy but nothing else :confused:

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